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“I have the WWNG to keep my sanity! An organization that works well!” – WWNG Board member, 2014-15

The 2015-16 WWNG Board


Merijntje Bronsgeest, Program Team Liaison

  • Merijntje is a materials scientist with a passion for the nanoscale. Her career as a researcher brought her from the Netherlands to the US east coast, before arriving in Grenoble. She recently joined Polygon Physics, a startup working on innovative vacuum systems for surface treatments. Interested in interactions between atoms and charged particles, but also those between people, she has a history of active involvement in different associations as organizer, communicator, and teacher.

Mickey Farrance, President

  • Mickey founded the WWNG shortly after moving to Grenoble from California, where she was active in a number of professional networking groups.  She is a writer, teacher, and trainer specializing in effective technical and business communications, currently responsible for strategic marketing content development at Bonitasoft.

Peggy Hegeman, Membership Chair

  • Peggy is a certified trainer and coach in French language and culture with 15 years of practice. She set up her own business in 2012, French for You, adding to her 7 years’ experience in an international company. Married to a Dutch man, raising her children bilingually, she is used to intercultural interactions. She helps expatriates relocate in their new social environment and quickly gain confidence in their language skills.

Anna Loth, Treasurer

  • Anna is an engineer at STMicroelectronics, and is currently a project leader for the transfer and ramp-up of secure flash microcontrollers in production at the Crolles 300mm facility. She has been working for ST in France for almost 7 years, and previously worked at Motorola/Freescale in Austin, TX as a Research and Development engineer for over 10 years. Anna has supported her husband in creating and building his company, France 4U Travel, where she has the pleasure to share the unique, charming, and authentic French culture with anglophones visiting France!

Beatrice Marionnet, Vice President

  • Beatrice has worked for anglophone companies for many years, and after a while she decided to start her own business. She is now the account manager for Westside Resources, a California company. She distributes air-water tips for dentists in France. With a degree in English, an MBA and after living in the U.K. and the USA, she has a real knowledge and love for the anglophone world.

Veronique Rostas, Secretary

  • Veronique Rostas  is a professional coach and facilitator (in French and English) with Polaris Consulting. She spent 12 years previously as a Human Resources Development Professional in the global semiconductor industry and has also contributed her time and expertise to the Program Committee.

Program Team

This is the team that makes our monthly meeting programs, seminars, workshops, and the PEP possible, with professional planning and execution.

  • Amy Church-Morel, Bettina Gilomen, Marta Rybcyznska, Paola Escamilla Greenham, Cécile Lalande, Nathalie Lopez, Shruti Sharma, and Caroline Walmsley

Communications Team

If you learned about a WWNG event, thank the Comm Team.

  • Amy Church Morel, Naida Culshaw, Paola Escamilla Greenham, Ellen Francois, Véronique Rostas, Valérie Samper, and Harlem Williams
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