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What is a “lead?”

A lead is information you have asked for. It can be

  • a referral to a service, business, or organization
    • Request: “I need to improve my French. A good lead for me is a teacher that is certified so my company can hire her.”
    • Lead: “Here is the name and email of my French teacher, she’s fantastic.”
  • a referral to a specific person
    • Request: “I am looking for a job. A good lead for me is the name of a HR manager of a software company in Grenoble.”
    • Lead: “Marie Faure is responsible for HR at XYZ company. We play tennis together. You can contact her de ma part.”
  • advice
    • Request: “I have just been promoted and need to learn some things quickly. A good lead for me is advice on managing a project.
    • Lead: “I’ve taken a project management course and can share some of what I learned with you.”
  • an offer of help
    • Request: “I would like to attend the PEP and need transportation. A good lead for me would be a ride with someone who is also going.”
    • Lead: “I’m going and you can ride with me.”
  • anything you need at this moment
    • Request: “A good lead for me is the name of a restaurant in Grenoble that serves a good Sunday brunch.”
    • Lead: “My favorite brunch restaurant is ______.”

Why do we use leads cards?

Giving each other referrals, help, advice is what we’re about.  Offering that to each other verbally is great—we won’t stop doing that!
But by using leads cards, we accomplish several things:

  • Using leads cards formalizes the process, helps us each focus on our purpose — to help each other professionally.
  • Completing a lead card is a concrete task — it helps to keep our focus.
  • Everyone should have the goal of coming to each meeting with 2 leads cards ready to go — having the cards helps focus on that objective between meetings.
  • The pink copies of the leads cards are an objective record of our productivity.  This gives us something to be proud of and brag about!

Who defines what a “good lead” is?

You do.

  • Think carefully about what you want and need from the group.
  • Work on the wording of your 30-second introduction so you communicate it clearly.  Be as clear as possible about what you want.
    Help the group generate what you need!
  • “A good lead for me is…”

Each of us define what makes a good lead for ourselves. Some of us are happy with simple information, some of us are looking for specific referrals with names and contact information.

How do I get the leads I want?

  • Define what you are looking for.  Be clear about what is a good lead for you.
  • Be sure to mention “a good lead for me is…” in your 30-second intro.  Vary that 30-second intro – think of different ways to ask for leads.
  • Give concrete, specific information to help others know what they can do for you.
  • Give feedback about the leads you receive.  Are you getting the kinds of leads you want?  If not, change your “a good lead for me is…” statement.  If you are, tell the giver what happens when you follow up.
  • Look at the member directory. Is there someone who might help you?  Contact them.  Ask.
  • Be professional – we are all looking out for each other’s reputation as a source of valuable referrals.

How can I give good leads to other members?

  • Listen to each person carefully.
  • Get to know other members.  Look at the Member Directory and ORAs.  Who is looking for what?
  • Where appropriate:  Spend time over coffee outside of meetings.  Visit members’ places of business.  Use members’ services.  (Every time you use the professional services of a WWNG member, it’s a lead for them.)
  • Always have blank leads cards handy. Give as much information as possible on the lead card.
  • Contact other members between meetings… don’t wait to give a lead!
  • Bring completed leads cards to the next meeting.
  • Ask for feedback…”was that information I gave you useful?”

No one is expected to give leads without trust, so get to know your fellow WWNG members. Only give leads you are personally comfortable with – we each have a reputation to protect.

You are never obligated to refer someone as a lead unless you are comfortable doing so.

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