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How do I become a WWNG member?

Here is the entire process:

  1. Read the WWNG Guidelines. When you sign the membership application, you agree to the guidelines of WWNG membership.
  2. If you have not already been to a meeting – come to one. We want to meet you, and surely you want to meet us!  It is a requirement that you attend at least one WWNG function before you can become a member.*
  3. Go to the online WWNG Application Form and fill it in.
  4. When you have completed the form, it will be sent directly to the WWNG Membership Chair.  Note: The application form must be complete in order to be considered.
  5. The WWNG board will review your application. You’ll get a call from a Board member. We’ll discuss with you a bit about your expections of the WWNG, what you can bring to the group, and what we think we might be able to do for you.
  6. The WWNG Board votes to approve your application.
  7. When your application for membership in the WWNG is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation message which will include details how to pay your membership fee online.
  8. You’ll receive a welcome email with details about how to access our online member services.

Why do I need to come to a meeting or event before my application for membership is approved?

We are a networking association that requires trust among our members. We offer each other advice, help, and valuable personal resources, including connections with others with whom we hold trusted relationships. We are selective about our members for this reason.  We want to meet you – and we want you to meet us. This is the best way to determine that we are a good fit together!

I want to register for the next WWNG Seminar at the membership rate. So I want to become a member now. How can I do this?

One of the benefits of WWNG membership is reduced registration fees for seminars and special events, and access to the Professional Enrichment ProgramYou must be a current member to register for the PEP, or for a WWNG event at the membership rate. It takes about a month to complete the membership approval process, so don’t delay.  If there is not enough time to complete the approval process, you will have to register for the seminar or event at the non-member rate to guarantee that you will have a place.

However — participation in a WWNG seminar meets the “attend one meeting or special event” requirement so the Board can get on with approving your membership.

The WWNG Board does its best to approve applications promptly so no one will miss an opportunity to benefit from membership.

Complete the WWNG 2017 Membership Application Form here.


  • Annual membership, Jan -Dec 17: €65
  • Corporate membership*: €100
  • Half-year membership, June -Dec 17 (new members only ): €30

*Corporate membership permits a company, association, or organization to participate in the WWNG.  Only one representative at a time of a corporate member may participate in a monthly meeting, and only one email address will be entered in the WWNG database.  However, any employee/member of a corporate member may benefit from membership rates for WWNG events.

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