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At the WWNG, it’s all about leads.

What’s a lead? Leads help us make the connections we need to progress in our business and personal lives.  At WWNG, we believe in the power of leads to help us reach our goals, but we also know that good leads are backed by strong networks.

From September 2014 to June 2015, a total of 720 leads were passed among WWNG members

And strong networks are like productive gardens: they require constant care and attention to grow.  That’s why the WWNG offers a full slate of regular and special events each year.

Monthly meetings

“Meetings are efficient and focused. My time is valuable and I feel respected when it isn’t wasted .” – WWNG member

“It’s great to be able to mix so easily at WWNG. At other networking meetings I end up talking only to people I already know.” – WWNG member

The WWNG meets monthly at the Grenoble Ecole de Management.  Each of the evening meetings is marked by three targeted, timed activities.

  • a round of brief, clear introductions
  • special themed program or presentation
  • passing of leads
Our effective meeting structure is based on a system of spaced, timed repetition called Focused Networking, developed in the United States by Ali Lassen and now widely used in the US and internationally.

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Professional Enrichment Program (PEP)

-> Give your professional life a boost with PEP!

“The PEP helped me to define what’s essential to me, to make it concrete, and then to express it and ask for what I need.”- PEP participant

Seminars and Workshops

Each year we host one or more full-day or half-day Professional and Personal Development Seminars to offer the opportunity to learn a new skill, find new resources, make new connections.

  • in 2015: Boost Your CV
  • in 2014: Managing Change, Assertiveness (Saying No)
  • in 2013: Use Your Voice with Confidence;  Enhancing How You Communicate
  • in 2012: Managing Conflict; Business Networking through Social Media; 15 Seconds to Convince; Cartoon Drawing for Trainers, Facilitators, & Presenters; Using Creativity to Understand Group Dynamics
  • in 2011: Setting Up Your Business in France; Essentials of Successful Negotiation
  • in 2010: Exploding the Myth of Cultural Stereotypes; Manage Your Energy; Writing Killer E-mail; Personal Branding through Social Media; and The Power of Feedback
  • in 2009: Networking Squared with eight other professional networks from the Grenoble and Lyon areas
  • in 2008: Seven Colorful Mind Tools
  • in 2007: The Changing Face of Leadership
Lisa Bentson, President of Leads Club International, was the guest speaker at our very first meeting and has generously given her permission for us to adapt some copyrighted Leads Club materials for the Working Women’s Network of Grenoble.
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