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Networking Dynamics: Connecting through Conversations – workshop

We all intuitively know how important human connections are in our personal lives, but when it comes to our professional lives it’s like exercise or eating well – one of those things we keep meaning to get around to.

This month, the WWNG is offering an interactive workshop to go deeper into what it means to develop a network or reseau. This opportunity is open to anyone – it’s in English, it’s in Grenoble, and it’s the first of its kind.

Networking Dynamics offers an opportunity to learn to become more aware of others and their “connecting” style, get in tune with your own connection-making strengths, and identify your conversational blind spots. We’ll explore how to engage the people around you and uncover the many layers and nuances of what we call “networking.” Whether you are an extrovert who’s comfortable in crowds or an introvert who takes time to build connections, this workshop is for you.

Networking Dynamics: Connecting through Conversations
Saturday, January 23 – 9:30am – 1:00pm, Grenoble Ecole de Management
with Naida Culshaw and Véronique Rostas
Fee: 25€ for members, 80€ for non-members

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Mickey Farrance
Mickey Farrance

Professional identity:  Currently responsible for Technical Communications at BonitaSoft  (

What I Do:  I enjoy networking and helping others get the most of their networking efforts

What I Am Looking For:  Connections, links, and associations in the Grenoble area for professional women

Portable:    06 78 32 62 74


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