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“On Est Bien”

By Laurie Personnet

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”  Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 160 to 180.

The quest for well-being is not a new or innovative concept.  Man’s search for meaning and well-being probably dates back further than we can imagine.  However, getting to that well-being can be a creative process, long and short at the same time.  It’s different for all of us and that is what makes it continuously and renewably new.

On 30 Sept, 1-2 October 2016, in Annecy, the well-being trade fair called “On Est Bien” took place in the Arcadium.  It was the first year that Jean-Marc Cottet set this up, and it was a resounding success.  So successful that in the evening of the third day Jean-Marc announced the dates for the second annual “Salon On Est Bien”.

In three days, nearly 3000 entries were tracked.  There was something for everyone and the positive vibes and energy felt were astounding!  The creative ways and processes towards well-being could be found in every one of the 130 exhibitors’ stands.

My friend and colleague, Anne, set up our shared stand the night before and were ready to welcome our first guests when the fair opened.  Anne is a professional certified coach guiding teenagers as well as being a speech therapist.  I am also a professional certified coach helping individuals and teams working through intercultural situations.  Both of us want well-being to flood into the lives of others.

It was exciting to see the first people walk in the main door, eyes wide open in the grandeur of it, some looking for particular well-being offers, and others just browsing around enjoying the unique presence of well-being everywhere they looked.

Another outstanding feature was the number of conferences that went on all day long.  Every possible topic was covered.  Anne and I had our conference on the Saturday afternoon.  We called it “Travailler avec les autres, choisir son orientation ; qu’est-ce qui nous éclaire?” We were pleased to have around 50 visitors during the conference.  It was our first one together.

Well-being is an old, old concept.  Marcus Aurelius spoke of it and he was not the first.  His short message in the quote above embodies what the trade fair endorsed.

Save the date 29-30 Sept and 1 October 2017 for the next one.  See you there!

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