What’s up with the WWNG? Come to the rentrée meeting and find out!

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What’s up with the WWNG? Come to the rentrée meeting and find out!

It’s rentrée! That uniquely French back-to-school time that marks the “beginning” of the year for everyone. The Working Women’s Network of Grenoble is ready to start our own “back-to-networking” by launching our 2016-17 program year.

We’re starting as always with our first monthly meeting on Thursday September 15 (aka the “rentrée” meeting).

We always invite women who may be interested in joining the WWNG to come meet us before applying for membership. What better way to discover who we are and what we do?

If you are not yet a member, and are intrigued by the WWNG, you are welcome to come to our meeting on September 15 and participate in a fun and easy mixer activity – you’ll feel at ease with our friendly and welcoming group.

We know how difficult it can be for busy women to fit in yet another activity, but if you think you can find time for at least three WWNG activities between Setember and June, then you may find it very worthwhile – as so many others have!

You can find out more about what’s planned for the rest of 2016: great speakers, informal social get-togethers, and some excellent hands-on workshops to choose from.

Simply contact us at WWNGrenoble@gmail.com for more information and confirm your participation as a WWNG guest.

Mickey Farrance
Mickey Farrance

Professional identity:  Currently responsible for Technical Communications at BonitaSoft  (www.bonitasoft.com)

What I Do:  I enjoy networking and helping others get the most of their networking efforts

What I Am Looking For:  Connections, links, and associations in the Grenoble area for professional women

Portable:    06 78 32 62 74

email:           mickey.farrance@gmail.com

web site:      www.mickeyfarrance.com
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